Bull Terrier: Kid in a dog suit

Breed name: Bull Terrier
Original breed name: English Bull Terrier
AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 62 of 195
FCI classification: Group 3 - Terriers
Origin: Great Britain
Size: Medium sized dog
Average life expectancy: 12-13 years
Litter size: 1-9 (with average of 5)
bull terrier kid in a dog suit

The Bull Terrier is recognizable primarily by its specific "egg-shaped" head, which should be long, strong and deep, but not rough. Seen from the front, the head is egg-shaped and completely filled. Its surface has no cavities and voids. The upper part of the skull is flat between the ears. The profile is slightly rounded backwards from the top of the skull to the top of the nose, which should be black and bent downwards. The nostrils are well developed and the lower jaw is deep and strong. The eyes look narrow, hidden and triangular, well placed in the skull, black or deep dark brown with a piercing reflection. Blue or partially blue eyes are undesirable. The ears are small, thin, set close together. The dog should be able to keep them firmly upright when looking up. Teeth should be healthy, clean, strong, good size, perfectly straight with a complete scissor bite. The lips are clean and tight.

Did you know that Bull Terrier is the only breed with triangle shaped eyes?

They have a very muscular neck, long, taut, tapering from shoulders to head and with no loose skin. Bull Terriers' shoulders are strong and muscular, without strain, straight and hold close to the chest wall and have a very pronounced back slope, thus making an almost right angle with the upper arm. The elbows are straight and strong. The forearm is upright. The dog should stand firmly on the front legs. The legs should be perfectly parallel. In adult dogs, the length of the front legs should be equal to the depth of the chest. The body is well rounded with marked spring of rib and good depth from the ridge to the sternum, so that the sternum is closer to the ground than the stomach. Back should be short and strong with a back line in a slight arch behind the level of the ridge. Good muscular loins. The lower line from the sternum to the stomach forms a graceful curved line upwards. Chest wide when viewed from the front. Their hind legs are parallel when viewed from behind, the thighs are muscular, the lower legs are well developed. The knees are well developed and the lower legs are well rounded with the bones of the paws which are short and strong. The tail is short, low set and carried horizontally - thick at the root and tapering to a fine point. Their paws are round and compact with well-collected toes.

The Bull Terrier is a dog of strong build, muscular, harmonious and active, with bold, determined and smart expression. There are no restrictions on body height and weight, but it should give the impression that it is well developed for its size and in accordance with its characteristics and gender. The average height of a Bull Terrier is about 53-55cm (21-22") at the shoulder and weight is usually between 22 and 32kg (50-70lbs). The miniature Bull Terrier is about 25-35cm (10-14") tall at the shoulders and weighs about 11-15kg (25-33lbs).

Prescribed colors and hair: for white - pure white hair, pigmentation on the skin marks on the head should not be punished. For colored - the color dominates, all other color variations are the same, with a tiger preference. Tricolor is also allowed. Dots on white hair are undesirable, as are blue and liver color.

The coat is short, dense, laid back and sharp to the touch with a fine shine. The skin should fit tightly. A softer undercoat may be present in winter. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes two color varieties: white and colored.

White Bull Terriers must have pure white hair, markings are allowed on the head only. Skin pigmentation is allowed.

Colored Bull Terriers can be any color other than white, or any color with white markings (black, brindle, black-brindle, red, fawn and tricolor). Brindle is preferred color.

The Bull Terrier is a brave and energetic dog, very playful. His temperament is stable and he can be disciplined. Although stubborn, the breed develops good relationship with people. Because of his energy and friendliness, as well as his silly behavior like a clown, he was nicknamed "Kid in a dog suit". Bull Terriers need to spend time with his owners and participate in their activities and will not be satisfied if you leave them alone for a long period of time. They are definitely dogs for a house, not an apartment. It's best when family members are active themselves and where the dog will be given a lot of energetic play, because Bull Terriers can become destructive when bored.

Bull Terrier and Miniature Bull Terrier, according to the classification of the World Canine Organization (FCI), belong to breeds of the 3rd group (Terriers), section 3 (Bull Terriers). The standard under number 11 was last corrected in 2011. The same year, the Miniature Bull Terrier received a special standard under number 359.
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