Are Bull Terriers Good Guard Dogs?


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Curious about whether Bull Terriers are good guard dogs? You're in the right place! The short answer is yes, Bull Terriers make excellent guard dogs. This should not come as a surprise, given their courage and devotion to their owners.

The protective nature and keen awareness of their environment come naturally to Bull Terriers. You can rely on one to defend their humans in a genuinely dangerous situation.

Paired with their muscular frame, strong physique, and loud bark, few people would venture into a Bull Terrier’s territory with ill intent. Bull Terriers are also very protective of children in the house. 

Why are Bull Terriers good guard dogs?

Bull Terriers' fearless nature, combined with their physical strength and incredible bite force, make them a formidable adversary. Let’s have a look at the characteristics that make them suitable to be a good guard dog.

Physical strength

Bull Terriers usually have a powerful physique and bark. They have a fearless intensity that easily scares off intruders. Their sleek, predatory look makes for an effective visual deterrent.

High concentration level

Bull Terriers possess high levels of concentration. They're usually very alert when it comes to their immediate environment. Bull Terriers remain alert at all times and they are ready to respond in any given situation. 

Strong bite

Their bite strength is impressive. They're among the top 20 dogs with the most powerful bites. A Bull terrier’s force bite is 269 PSI (pounds per square inch). If you’re wondering how much that is, it’s about half of a lion's bite strength.

Controlled aggression

Bull Terriers must possess controlled aggression and attack only when they feel it is necessary. Bull Terriers won’t attack their owner or kids at home. Also, they won’t become aggressive unless the situation actually demands it. They only attack to defend their territory or humans.


Bull Terriers are generally loyal and eager to please their humans. They are always ready to rescue their humans in difficult situations. Bull Terriers are possessive of their territory. Territory can be the home, apartment, farmhouse, farm, factory, etc. Territorial instincts give them the needed aggression to attack and defend.

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Are Bull Terriers protective of their owners?

Bull Terriers are extremely protective of their loved ones, family members, food, territory, and even their toys. Your Bull Terrier’s personality, bloodlines, and upbringing all factor into how protective they may be.

When strangers are around, they become even keener on protecting their people. They usually form a close bond with their owner which makes them even more loyal. 

With proper training and obedience, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to unprovoked attacks on family or friends. A well-socialized and well-trained Bull Terrier will still understand the difference between an actual threat and an everyday situation.

Benefits of having a Guard Dog

Owning a protection dog comes with various benefits. Let’s talk about a few of the benefits of having a Bull Terrier: 

Gives you peace of mind: Owning a Bull Terrier can greatly benefit your peace of mind. You can sleep more peacefully, totally aware of the fact that you have a watchful protector nearby.

Protect you when you are home: Often the mere presence of a Bull Terrier greatly discourages attempted break-ins in the first place. They will notify you of any intruders better than the typical alarm.

Protect your home: In the event of a break-in, a Bull Terrier will disable the intruder and keep them at bay until the police arrives.

Ideal for lone seniors: For lone seniors, Bull Terriers become even more necessary. They keep them company and protect them at all times.

Incredible companion: Bull Terriers make incredible companions. They’re loving canines that are extremely protective of their loved ones.

Early socialization and consistent training with Bull Terriers is a must. This early exposure to friendly strangers will mitigate any fearful or overly cautious behaviors down the road. Demonstrating what and who is not a threat will be important for your dog to differentiate.

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How do I make My Bull Terrier more protective 

Whether you go with a Bull Terrier, the fundamentals of making them more protective come down to compassion and patience in training. If you're determined to make your Bull Terrier more protective, the best thing is to start training them as early as possible.

Basic obedience: Bull Terriers should have basic obedience skills like sit, stay, drop it, and bark on command.

Impulse control: Teach your dog impulse control. Your Bull Terrier should control themselves around welcomed strangers.

Teach property boundaries: Teaching your Bull Terrier the boundaries of his territory is important for his training. You should rerun your property with your Bull Terrier, so they learn what they are supposed to be protecting.

Bull Terriers have a tendency to be stubborn and independent. As long as you show your dog respect while maintaining dominance, you’ll end up having a great relationship that will help you rest assured that your home and family are taken care of to the best of your Bull Terrier's ability.

Bull Terriers learn through positive reinforcement techniques. Give your Bull Terrier a treat or praise them for learning new commands. Punishments and harsh words will make them stubborn and damage their temperament.

Are Bull Terriers dangerous?

Well, Bull Terriers are not dangerous dogs. They're actually affectionate and loving when raised in a healthy environment. They can become aggressive if they feel anyone is threatening them or their family.

Bull Terriers do have an undeserved reputation for being dangerous and super aggressive. This is not true! That's a lot to do with their unusual appearance.

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Final thoughts

The protective nature of Bull Terriers can be both an asset and a potential danger to others. It is important to understand how to manage any over-protective tendencies that may develop.

Bull Terriers are one of the best family companion dogs you could ever own. The undying loyalty, affection, and fun-loving nature of the Bull Terrier is second to none. Embrace these amazing traits and help your Bull Terrier grow into a model citizen as well as a positive representation of the breed.