Are Bull Terriers Dangerous?


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Are Bull Terriers Dangerous?

Thinking about having a Bull Terrier as a pet and you are wondering are Bull Terriers dangerous?

Well, Bull Terriers are not dangerous dogs. These beautiful, gentle dogs love people and make wonderful pets. Unfortunately, Bull Terriers have an undeserved reputation for being dangerous dogs. This is not true! That's a lot to do with their unusual appearance.

Early and frequent socialization is essential to help prevent the development of destructive behavior or aggression.

Are Bull Terriers aggressive?

Bull Terriers are generally good-natured dogs. However, some have aggressive tendencies, and therefore, obedience training is a must. They possess high prey drives and have a natural desire to chase moving objects. Bull Terriers need a strong, patient owner who can display calm and powerful energy and prevent aggression before it begins.

Any dog can become aggressive if they have not been socialized in puppyhood. A Bull Terrier may show the following warning signs when they become aggressive:

  • Growling and snapping
  • A rigid body and quickly wagging tail
  • Lip licking or yawning
  • Averting gaze
  • Raised fur
  • Cowering and tail tucking
  • Seeing the whites of the eyes

You need to figure out what is causing your Bull Terrier's aggression. Some of the possible reasons behind a dog's aggression are:

  • Some Bull Terriers growl as someone approaches them while they are eating or chewing a bone.
  • Bull Terriers may become aggressive towards other pets if they lack socialization.
  • Bull Terriers may be trying to defend their space or your home from what they deem to be an intruder.
  • Mother Bull Terriers are also extremely protective of their puppies and may become hostile toward anyone who goes near them.
  • Your Bull Terrier may show aggression when they are injured or in pain.
  • Two male Bull Terriers or two female Bull Terriers become aggressive when vying for the attention of a mate. This can be avoided by spaying and neutering dogs.

Your Bull Terrier may behave aggressively without much warning when exhibiting predatory behavior. You may observe this when your dog chases a passing squirrel or cat. Being so fast, they may be quick enough to catch them!

Bull Terriers need lots of mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behavior. If you introduce your Bull Terrier pup to new people, places, and adventures during their young age, they grow up as well-rounded and friendly dogs.

Pro tip: Punishing your Bull Terriers for aggressive behavior usually backfires. The chances are that punishments can escalate aggression.

Are Bull Terriers friendly?

Bull Terriers are generally friendly and non-defensive dogs when properly socialized. They love to live inside around people. A well-trained Bull Terrier is an incredibly sweet and friendly dog with a sound and reliable temperament.

A Bull Terrier's temperament is also variable, again dependent on parental influence. As with all dogs, temperament can be modified by socializing the puppy.

Let's have a look at Bull Terrier's friendliness towards children, strangers, cats, and other dogs:

Dog friendly

Without training and specialization, Bull Terriers can be aggressive toward other dogs. When socialized properly, they get along well with other dogs. Bull Terrier owners should remain vigilant and supervise interactions with other pups.

Cat friendly

Bull Terriers have strong terrier instincts and prey drive. Indoors, the Bull Terrier should be supervised around cats and other pets. They can share their territory with feline companions but often only if they grow up together. Outside of your home, they are likely to chase your neighbor's cat or a passing squirrel due to their instinctive desire to hunt.

Stranger friendly

Bull Terriers are suspicious of strangers and will not greet your guests with wagging tails. However, they will not bark unnecessarily at your guests.


Bull Terriers are known for being affectionate to all the members of their house, including children. They tend to be fairly playful and easygoing around children. If trained properly, they are more tolerant of children's behavior.  Be sure that any small child around a dog is taught how to interact with dogs respectfully and gently.

Pro tip: You should always supervise any interactions between dogs and young children, no matter how friendly and loving a dog may be.

If you want your Bull Terrier to get along well with kids, your guests, and other pets you must start socialization early and reward them for good behavior.

Tips for having a well-rounded Bull Terrier?

To ensure that your Bull Terrier grows up to be a friendly and well-rounded dog, here are a few tips that you can follow:

Socialization: Bull Terrier puppies need early socialization and exposure to many different people, pets, places, smells, sounds, and sights. 

Love and attention: Shower your Bull Terriers with a lot of love and attention. Try to spend quality time regularly with your Bull Terrier.

Exercise: Before bringing home a Bull Terrier, you need to make sure that you can manage the exercise needs of this furry pal. Bull Terriers are high-energy dogs and need lots of exercise and mental challenges. 

Training: Bull Terriers are energetic dogs and require consistent training right from the beginning. Untrained Bull Terriers will struggle to get along with people and other pets.

Use a positive reinforcement approach: Always reward the positive behavior of your Bull Terrier. These dogs feel special every time they are rewarded with treats, praises, and rewards.

Stay consistent with your Bull Terrier: You need to be consistent and firm with your Bull Terrier. Lack of consistency might reinforce negative behaviors in dogs. 

Pet Parent Tip: Many behavioral problems have a root in Bull Terrier's early upbringing. Set limits from the start and your Bull Terrier will turn out to be an amazing pet. 

Final Thoughts

As a Bull Terrier owner, you are responsible for the early socialization and training of your dog. All you need to do is to socialize, socialize, and socialize your Bull Terrier pup. Always be careful with their interaction with other pets.

Although Bull Terriers are not dangerous dogs, they are still a victim of being overlooked at shelters and pounds. Give your Bull Terrier the love and care they crave. You’ll definitely have a loyal, friendly, and lifelong companion.

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