Why Is My Bull Terrier Shedding So Much?


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Wondering “Why is my Bull Terrier shedding so much?” and “How to deal with excessive shedding in Bull Terriers?”

Bull Terriers are moderate-to-low-shedding dogs with short and easy-to-maintain coats. They do shed, though not nearly as much as heavier-coated dogs. Their shedding depends upon the weather, maintenance, diet, and a few other elements.

At what age do Bull Terriers start shedding?

Shedding is natural and all dogs do so. This is due to the essential growth and regeneration of hair. Usually, Bull Terriers shed their puppy coats at the age of 3-12 months. At this age, they will get rid of the old puppy coat to develop the adult coat.

Why Is My Bull Terrier Shedding So Much?

If your Bull Terrier has started excessive shedding, these could be the possible reasons:

Change of season

Bull Terrier’s natural hair growth cycle adapts to varied seasons. They shed more often during weather changes, such as spring or autumn. This shedding period lasts for 2-4 weeks.

Poor diet

The absence of a well-balanced diet can result in excessive shedding in Bull Terriers. If Bull Terriers are not given a healthy and balanced diet with complete nutrition, their coat appears unhealthy and they might experience excessive shedding.


Excessive shedding in Bull Terriers may be a sign of stress. You may observe shedding in situations where your Bull Terrier is depressed or uncomfortable. Your dog might be anxious due to loud noises, a chaotic routine, a trip to a vet, a new home, puppy kindergarten, separation anxiety, or the addition of a new pet into your home.

Hormonal imbalance and during pregnancy

Female Bull Terriers might shed a lot more if they are pregnant. Hormonal swings affect how your Bull Terrier sheds and you might not be able to control it. Hormonal imbalance in Bull Terriers may occur due to pregnancy, recent spaying or neutering, or a female Bull Terrier going into heat. 


Fleas and Mites

Your Bull Terrier might get irritated skin and fur loss if it has been bitten by a parasite. Fleas, ticks, or mites may also result in noticeably high shedding in Bull Terriers. This makes their skin itchy and uncomfortable. You need to take your Bull Terrier to a vet immediately to get the parasites removed. 


Skin conditions

Excessive shedding is also linked to the skin problems of Bull Terriers. A variety of skin conditions can affect hair loss in Bull Terriers. This also includes any bacterial or fungal infections. If your Bull Terrier's shedding is spotty and patchy, with tender skin beneath, you should talk to your vet. 



Your Bull Terrier’s fur could be falling out because of an allergic reaction. The allergy can be due to some specific food ingredient in kibble or canned food. Your Bull Terrier might also be allergic to something in the environment. This may include a household cleaner, shampoo, tick spray, or a dog bed.

Poor grooming

All Bull Terriers need regular brushing and bathing to keep their coat healthy. Poor grooming results in excessive shedding. If you are not brushing your Bull Terrier regularly, this may lead to excessive shedding. The use of improper brushes may damage their coat. Too much or very few baths can cause Bull Terriers to shed their coats. Also, using the wrong shampoo can contribute to Bull Terriers' shedding. 

How do I stop my Bull Terrier from shedding? 

All Bull Terriers shed and it depends upon the breed, climate in which they live, diet, potential allergies, and much more. Let’s have a look at ways to stop excessive shedding in Bull Terriers:

Regular brushing

To keep your Bull Terrier’s coat healthy, it needs to be brushed regularly. The brushing will help in keeping your Bull Terrier’s coat clean and tangle-free.

Regularly brushing your Bull Terrier will save you from loose hair flying around your house. Make brushing a positive experience for your Bull Terrier filled with praise and rewards.

Invest in grooming tools

Bull Terrier owners should consider investing in quality grooming tools and cleaning supplies. Arming yourself with the right equipment will help you keep your Bull Terrier’s coat healthy. Invest in a good quality dog brush set and you will be set for a long period of time.


Periodic bathing, not more than once a month, will maintain their neat appearance. Giving them the occasional bath can help to loosen their dead fur. Excessive bathing can result in a dry, dull coat, shedding, and itchy skin. To make the bathing experience more pleasant for your Bull Terrier, use this Massaging Shampoo Dispensing Brush.

Always test the temperature of the water before putting your Bull Terrier in. When bathing your Bull Terrier, use a good quality pH-balanced shampoo and conditioner. Make sure you always dry your Bull Terrier after bathing. We recommend this Chenille Super Absorbent Dog Towel.

Healthy diet

Bull Terriers should be fed a healthy and well-balanced diet. You must ensure that your Bull Terrier gets proper nutrition with a balance of Protein and Essential Fatty Acids.

If you notice excessive shedding, try including fish oil and Omega 3 into your Bull Terrier's diet. It will promote stronger hair follicles and will also keep your Bull Terrier’s coat in good condition.

Annual vet visit

Take your Bull Terrier to the vet regularly. This will ensure that skin diseases are prevented. While all dogs shed, excessive shedding could be a symptom of an allergy or any other health issue. So getting your Bull Terrier checked by a qualified vet can rule out the possibility of any other underlying condition. Your vet can also guide you on what kind of diet to feed your Bull Terrier that can keep the coat healthy and reduce shedding.

Can I shave my Bull Terrier?

There is no need to shave your Bull Terrier and it's never recommended. Your Bull Terrier’s coat is their natural insulating layer. If you shave your Bull Terrier, you are removing their natural protective layers. This can be damaging for your dog. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t shave your Bull Terrier:

Your Bull Terrier won’t be able to regulate their body temperature.

Your Bull Terrier's skin would be exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Shaving puts your Bull Terrier at a higher risk for heatstroke or they may suffer sunburn. 

Shaving can cause your Bull Terrier's hair to grow back improperly.

It may damage your Bull Terrier's hair follicle and lead to permanent bald patches on your dog.

Final thoughts 

Bull Terriers are more than just a pet. They shower their owners with happiness and unconditional love. Taking a few steps to minimize shedding allows the chance to enjoy the unparalleled companionship of your Bull Terriers. If you regularly groom your Bull Terriers and offer them a healthy diet, you won’t notice a lot of stray hairs around.

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