Traveling With Your Bull Terrier


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Thinking of traveling with your Bull Terrier? Wondering how to make the traveling experience an amazing one for both you and your furry friend?

Taking your Bull Terrier along can make the family vacation more fun for everyone. With little extra planning, you can take your pet along with you on most travel adventures, and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

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Tips on traveling with your Bull Terrier

Your Bull Terrier might be the most adorable passenger in the car, but it's often the messiest one as well. We rounded up some useful tips for traveling with Bull Terriers.

Control your Bull Terrier's movement

Keep your dog restrained during the ride. Controlling your dog's movement is important for your safety and those around you.

Take practice trips ahead of time

Before you take off on a long trip, take several short trips with your dog to get them accustomed to traveling in the car. This is very important if you know that your pet becomes anxious during car rides.

Take steps for your dog's safety

Choose the right spot in the car for your Bull Terrier. Don't let them stick their head out of the window to get some fresh air. It looks cute but is very dangerous. Also, make sure they’re secured to prevent them from jumping out unexpectedly. This is important for successfully traveling with your dog.

Prepare your vehicle for traveling with a Bull Terrier

Always prepare your vehicle for your dog. Consider investing in pet barriers, dog carriers, car seats, and floor covers that protect your car and add comfort for your dog.

Take frequent breaks

Dogs need breaks during road trips. Always plan rest stops so your Bull Terrier can ease out, drink water, and eat. You can also utilize these breaks as a time to play, engage in a short walk, and give attention to your pet.

Give obedience training

Before you hit the road, work on basic obedience and manners. It’s best if your Bull Terrier knows the basic commands, like “sit”, "no" and “stay".

Be prepared for an emergency

Research vets or animal hospitals in the area you will be visiting in case of an emergency.

Don't ignore your dog's health and nerves

Always take into consideration your Bull Terrier’s health, anxiety level, size, and weight. If your dog is sick and requires medication, make sure you have enough for the entire road trip.

Travel on an empty stomach

Some dogs get sick when traveling. One way that you can help avoid car sickness is by limiting the amount that your Bull Terrier eats before the trip. For short trips, consider letting your dog travel on an empty stomach. It’s a good idea to bring rubber gloves, paper towels, and waste bags just in case your Bull Terrier gets sick while in the car.

Wear your dog out

A tired dog is usually a well-behaved dog. Traveling with Bull Terriers goes much smoother when they’re exhausted. So, right before you begin your journey with your Bull Terrier, take them for a long walk or visit a dog park. This should help your dog feel more rested and maybe even sleep for a portion of the trip.

Be sure to never store suitcases, coolers, or anything sharp or hard in the same area as your Bull Terrier. By planning and following these valuable tips, you can ensure your trip is safe and comfortable for you and your dog.

What to pack when traveling with a Bull Terrier? 

Every trip begins with preparation. You plan the best route, make your packing list, pack your favorite snacks, and craft the perfect playlist for the trip.

In addition to your regular trip supplies, you need to bring along everything your Bull Terrier needs to have a safe and memorable time. 

Traveling with your Bull Terrier means being prepared for anything. Once you've finalized your own trip checklist, you also need to include some dog road trip essentials:

To keep everything orderly, you can use a separate bag for your Bull Terrier’s belongings.

What if my Bull Terrier needs the toilet?

Don’t assume that a potty-trained dog can't have an accident while traveling. No matter how potty-trained your Bull Terrier is, accidents happen in uncertain and high-stress environments. 

Give your Bull Terrier food or water two hours before the trip. Some people skip heavy meals on the morning of travel. This may seem cruel but dogs are fine without food and water for a few hours.

You should be strategic when providing water right before and during the trip as it's difficult for dogs to relieve themselves in the car. Limiting food and water intake right before and during your trip helps avoid accidents and keep your Bull Terrier comfortable. It may lead to fewer bathroom breaks for dogs and prevent stomach discomfort. 

Keep in mind that there is a fine line between avoiding dehydration and giving your Bull Terrier an excessive amount of water to drink. Healthy adult dogs shouldn’t have a problem holding their bladder for 8-10 hours.

You need to line your dog's carrier with something absorbent. The dog crate pads can be used in case there is an accident. These linings absorb moisture to keep your Bull Terrier comfortable.

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What if my dog gets sick on the road trip?

Traveling with dogs takes a bit of extra preparation. You need some planning, a few additional supplies, and safety gear. Don't skip the first-aid kit on your trip. These dog first-aid kit essentials include 

  • Your Bull Terrier's vet records
  • Gauze
  • Bandage
  • Thermometer
  • Canine sterile eye cleaner 

When you reach your destination, examine your Bull Terrier as soon as possible. If anything seems wrong, talk to your vet. 

Final thoughts

Keeping your Bull Terrier safe and sound while traveling is of utmost importance to pet parents. We often hear stories about unpleasant incidents of dogs traveling with owners. Many of them could have been prevented if the pet parent had taken the necessary precautions for their pet's safety. 

With excellent planning, you and your Bull Terrier can have an incredible traveling experience. If you follow these tips, you can give your dog the best chance to travel safely and comfortably.

Be a savvy traveler! Enjoy your trip, make it comfy for your Bull Terrier, and remember to have fun!