Can Bull Terriers Handle Cold Weather?


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Can Bull Terriers Handle Cold Weather?

Do you have a Bull Terrier who loves to play in the yard? You probably wonder if they can stay outside during cold weather. Can Bull Terriers Handle Cold Weather?

Bull Terriers can handle most things in life, but one thing they are ill-equipped to handle is cold weather. They're a particularly susceptible breed to cold winter climates and their physique does not offer much protection from cold weather. Giving them protection is very important as they don't have double coats to protect them from cold weather.

How cold is too cold for Bull Terriers?

Generally, if it is too cold for you, it is likely too cold for your Bull Terrier as well. Any temperature below 4.5-7C° (40-45°F) is too low to leave your Bull Terrier outside for longer periods without checking on them. 

Bull Terriers enjoy cold weather outings but their short coat is not suited to living outside. Once the weather begins to drop below that you might notice your Bull Terrier getting a little uncomfortable. If it is rainy or foggy, they will be especially cold. 

  • Bull Terriers have short smooth coats typically with less tolerance for colder climates. 
  • Bull Terrier puppies are fragile and will feel the cold more sharply than adult Bull Terriers. 
  • Senior Bull Terriers are more likely to suffer negative effects from the cold than young adults.

Keep an eye on your Bull Terrier for signs of cold stress. If you notice your Bull Terrier shivering or acting lethargic, bring them inside and warm them up gradually with a space heater or blanket.

Keeping Bull Terriers comfortable during the cold winter months

It’s wise to take a few precautions and protect your Bull Terrier during the cold weather. Keep these 10 tips in mind and enjoy everything cold weather has to offer:

Provide a warm, cozy place to sleep


Bull Terriers deserve a warm, cozy spot to chill out. Give your Bull Terrier the comfort, warmth, and luxury they deserve. If you want to give your Bull Terrier some dedicated space inside your house, an indoor dog bed can help. This Donut Dog Bed is the perfect choice for cold winter days and nights. It may also be a good idea to have a blanket on hand and this Bull Terrier Printed Fleece Blanket is often chosen by our customers.

Get your Bull Terrier a jacket or sweater


Bull Terriers can’t easily generate and retain enough body heat to keep themselves warm during cold weather. If your Bull Terrier enjoys being outdoors, consider outfitting them with winter clothes to keep them warm.

These dogs may need winter clothing when outside during the cold weather. This can help regulate their body temperature and keep them cozy and warm. If you need a warm jacket for your Bull Terrier, this Reflective Dog Coat is the perfect choice. It's warm and reflective, so you always see your dog in the dark.

Protect your dog's paws


Dog boots are not just for cuteness, they provide the ultimate protection from the harsh environment. Dog booties will provide the extra protection Bull Terriers need to keep their sensitive pads. They will prevent injury and protect Bull Terrier paws in the snow.

During cold weather, dog boots help your furry child retain body heat. Your Bull Terrier may not like wearing boots in the beginning. However, you can train your dog to love wearing their booties! Just take a gradual approach and give lots of praise and treats for wearing booties.

During cold weather, a warm water rinse will not only wash up dirt and debris but will also warm up their cold paws.

Protect against hypothermia


Bull Terrier puppies can't regulate their body temperature and are prone to suffer from hypothermia. They're sensitive to drops in temperature, especially when left in cold weather.

During extremely cold weather, Bull Terriers should avoid spending hours outdoors. They are at risk of hypothermia if left in the cold for extended periods. Mild hypothermia makes Bull Terriers weak and inactive, and they can’t stop shivering. As hypothermia worsens, Bull Terriers become unresponsive, and their breathing and heart rate slow.

Protect your dogs from heaters


Bull Terriers will often seek heat during cold weather by snuggling too close to heaters and fireplaces. Beware of heaters and fireplaces both inside and outside your home. Never leave a heater or a fire burning unattended with a Bull Terrier nearby. Always use a safety screen to keep your Bull Terrier safe from flames and embers.

Avoid overseeing your dog


The extra layer in cold weather should come from a coat and not a layer of fat. Winters may even bring on lazy behavior in some Bull Terriers and the need for a low-calorie diet. Keep a look at your Bull Terrier’s activity level and adjust the diet accordingly. High quality and nutritious diet will help ensure a healthy coat and optimum energy for the cold months.

Keep them hydrated


Just like us, Bull Terriers feel less thirsty in cold weather. Make sure your Bull Terrier has access to a water bowl and check it often. The water in their bowl turns ice cold quickly and they don’t feel like drinking it. It’s advisable to change the water often.

Limit time outdoors


Bull Terriers aren't meant to spend maximum time outside in the cold weather. They may love to spend time outdoors but in cold weather, they can get cold. Don't leave your Bull Terrier outdoors when the temperature drops. Ears, nose, paws, and tails are all susceptible to frostbite. You must adjust the amount of time your Bull Terrier stays outside!

Don't leave your Bull Terrier alone in the car


You already know not to leave Bull Terriers in a vehicle when it's hot. The same goes for cold weather as well. Only take your Bull Terrier in the car if it is necessary, and never leave them unattended. Even if it's not a direct health risk for Bull Terriers, they are likely to be uncomfortable.

Health checkups in winter


Bull Terriers that are prone to joint problems may have a hard time during the cold winter months. You should pay extra attention to your Bull Terrier's exercise routines and hire a dog walker if required. Consult your vet for health supplements and other medication if your Bull Terrier experiences joint pain.

Final thoughts

Cold weather brings a wide variety of concerns to responsible pet parents. Chilly weather, numbing wetness, or strong winds can cause discomfort for Bull Terriers. They do not have a lot of cold resistance.

Caring for your dog's well-being during the cold weather will ensure that you both enjoy the winter season to the fullest. With sufficient care, your Bull Terrier will know years and years of happy romping! Remember that winter cuddles with your Bull Terrier are a great way for everybody to keep warm! 

Keep enjoying the cold weather adventures with your Bull Terrier!