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Bully Mermaid Life Jacket

Bully Mermaid Life Jacket

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Did you know that Bull Terriers can have difficulty swimming because of their muscular constitution?

Make sure your dog is safe while swimming. The life jacket is a must have if you are going to the water with your dog. Whether your dog is just learning to swim or is an experienced swimmer, the life jacket will always be helpful.


The life jacket is filled with buoys so that prevent the dog from sinking, keeping it on the surface of the water. This good quality waterproof polyester life jacket with two strong buckles on the belly area will make your dog safe in the water. An additional thing that increases safety is the handle on the back that makes it easier to get the dog out of the water if needed. The life jacket also has a strong D ring to which you can easily attach a leash so you can always easily control the dog.

Besides it's adorable mermaid design, this life jacket also has an amazing features:
  • Good quality polyester
  • Abdomen support
  • Reinforced handle, easy to pull the dog from the water
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Strong double buckles made to prevent slipping from the vest
The life jacket needs to be snug on the dog's body, so make sure to follow the table with measurements for the perfect fit.


Size Back length Chest Neck Dog Weight
XS 20cm / 7.8" 30-42cm / 11.8-16.5" 25-35cm / 9.8-13.8" 2-4kg / 4.4-8.8lbs
S 26cm / 10.2"
41-53cm / 16.1-20.9"
36-47cm / 14.1-18.5" 4-7kg / 8.8-15.4lbs
M 30cm / 11.8"
41-63cm / 16.1-24.8"
40-48cm / 15.7-18.9" 7-12kg / 8.8-26.4lbs
L 35cm / 13.7"
50-75cm / 19.7-29.5"
42-54cm / 16.5-21.2" 12-20kg / 26.4-44lbs
XL 45cm / 17.7"
70-98cm / 27.5-38.6"
50-70cm /19.7-27.5"
20-50kg / 44-110lbs

*Manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm / 0.5-1'' error.

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