The Best Clothes For Bull Terriers

If you're wondering what's the best clothes for your Bull Terrier, then you're in luck because today we will present you with the best jackets and vests for this fall/winter season.

1. Reflective Dog Coat

Make sure you always see your dog in the dark! Reflective Dog Coat is without a doubt the best cold weather jacket for your Bull Terrier. At first glance, it doesn't look too different from other dog jackets, but when you shine a light on it, the jacket starts to glow! This jacket is our best seller this season and if your Bull Terrier only has one jacket, then it should be this one. The coat has warm lining so it is ideal for cold weather, and the waterproof exterior means that you don't have to think about whether your dog will stay dry if you walk in the rain or snow.

Reflective Dog Coat | Bull Terrier World
2. Reflective Dog Raincoat

This Reflective Dog Raincoat is great for all those rainy days when neither you nor your Bull Terrier wants to go on a walk. The dense rainproof and windproof material will make sure that your Bull Terrier always stays dry. A great addition to this overall perfect rain jacket is the reflective zipper, as well as the stripes across the back and on the sleeves, so you can be sure you will always see your dog in the dark. Plus, it has a small pocket for some treats!

Dog Raincoat | Bull Terrier World

3. Waterproof Reflective Dog Vest

One of the newest additions to our online store is this Waterproof Reflective Dog Vest. The waterproof exterior will ensure that your Bull Terrier is dry at all times, and the 2cm / 0.78" thick PP Cotton interior will make sure they are warm on cold winter days. This Waterproof Reflective Dog Vest has a built-in harness and strong metal D-rings on the back so you can very easily attach a leash to it. An additional advantage is that the harness is reflective, so you can be sure that you will see your Bull Terrier in the dark.

Waterproof Reflective Dog Vest | Bull Terrier World

4. Warm Waterproof Winter Dog Vest

If your Bull Terrier likes to spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter, then this Warm Waterproof Winter Dog Vest is a must-have! Thick PP Cotton inner filling will keep them warm at all times, while the waterproof oxford exterior will keep them dry even on long winter walks. A thick faux fur collar is foldable, so you get two styles in one vest. The Warm Waterproof Winter Dog Vest has a detachable reflective harness with metal D rings on the back so it's easy to clip on a leash at all times, and you can take it off anytime if you don't need it.

Warm Waterproof Winter Dog Vest | Bull Terrier World

5. Warm Waterproof Dog Vest

The waterproof exterior will ensure your Bull Terrier is always dry, and the 2cm / 0.7" thick PP cotton interior will keep them warm on cold winter days. The classic two-tone design is always on trend and suitable for any occasion. This Warm Waterproof Dog Vest is one of the staple items your Bull Terrier should have in their wardrobe.

Warm Waterproof Dog Vest | Bull Terrier World

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